Dear Friends:

I am writing this in advance. That is,  before I  complete the uploading of the 80 or so images and about 25 html pages. Balance of work is on the Postal Envelope section and the view cards of the 1898 Numeral postal card issue. I expect to finish the work before the end of the month.

This collection was prepared based on H&G catalogue. There are several items described as NOT RECORDED - by H&G. I am left in the dark if such issues are recorded in other catalogues. This is the reason on why I personally wanted this collection to be a part of Asian Philatelist. I am certain that there are other collectors out there who specialize in NSW postal stationery. 

All the html pages have the "FEEDBACK" button. If you have something to add, correct or know of other NSW postal stationery reference materials, please communicate with us. Again, the aim of Asian Philatelist is to put on permanent record collections or single items that other collectors can use as a reference. 

This collection and the other collections can be viewed at your own convenience - any time, 24 hours a day
(except when my server is down which is very very rare). You can view the collections off line by sending in your request for a CD copy. It is however not free. The cost will be US$ 10.00 which I will ask that it be donated to your favorite charity.

Thank you very much.....and enjoy!

Manila, Philippines

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The  complete sections consist of 171 html pages and 743 images.

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