In 1580 the Vice King (Virrey) of Nueva España, D. Martin Enriquez de Almanza, appointed D. Martin de Oliveres as the first CORREO MAYOR of Mexico. He established several "postal services by foot and by horses" throughout the entire colony.

Three important mail ports were established: VERA CRUZ for mail bound for Spain; ACAPULCO for mail to and from the Philippines; and OAXACA for mail to Guatemala. 

The CORREOS MAYOR system lasted until 1775 when King Carlos III of Spain nationalized the postal service. Mexico declared her independence from Spain in 1821 and, after two years, of the First Empire, a Federal Republic was established in 1824. In 1856 the first postage stamps was introduced.

In 1862 Mexico suspended her payments of foreign debts resulting in the occupation of Vera Cruz by British, spanish and French troops. In April 1864 Archduke Maximilian of Austria was declared Emperor of Mexico. His reign was short-lived as Republic forces under Benito Jaurez forced his capitulation in Ma and once again Mexico became a Federal Republic.

This collection demonstrate the significant changes in Mexico's postal system from  1739 to 1868, a period of rapidly changing political environment.

Dated 1822, April 13:
Addressed to Coronel Jose Ma. Calderon congratulating a military success.
as President of the Regency Council
Letter dated one month before proclaimed
as Emperor of Mexico.